all that shimmerz

all that shimmerz

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Weekend Haul

Hey Lovelies,

Today I had a fun outing to the shops with my sister.  There were a few things I was after a few products I have been reading about recently.  I was looking for FashionistA, a new brand to Superdrug, now this is annoying me, I have seen reviews on lipstick by this brand and so checked Superdrug online and could only find eye shadows!  I know that only certain stores have the brand which is also annoying.  Anyway...  my local store didn't have it :-( gutted!  My search will continue and I will let you know how it goes.

I was also on the hunt for Maybeline extreme moisture lipstick which they did have but not in the shade I wanted, peach colada, so I will also be keeping my eye out for this too.

Now onto what I did manage to get.  I have been hearing great things about MUA and how great the quality is for how cheap the price is.  I have not been disappointed.  I got two palettes, Immaculate Collection which has 24 shades was £7 & Pretty Pastels which has 12 was £3.  The quality is awesome, I have only swatched the shades, I have not tried them out on my eyes yet but I am feeling confident.

Pretty Pastels Swatches

The shades are nameless and shimmery, there is a light matt brown/ beige on top row that did not swatch very well.

Immaculate Collection Swatches

These shades are numbered 1 to 24, simple.  Again mostly shimmery shades however a few matt, which do not swatch well, in fact hard to get any colour off the shadow at all, this is disappointing as all the other shades are so soft and pigmented and easy to work with.

A fellow blogger has also come up with mac dupes for each shade, please visit The Sunday Girl.

Staying on the MUA theme, the nail polishes where £1 each, these were the 2 shades that caught my eye out of them all, shade 4 & 15.  The above pic is only 1 coat of varnish, I was so surprised, I thought I would need a few coats to get my desired coverage but only 1 coat, awesome!

I also bought the Kleenex shine absorbing sheets (powder free) these were on deal £1.49, not sure how many is in the packet but looks like quite a few, I also tried the sheets on my t-zone which tends to get oily as the day goes on, so these will come in very handy.

I got the Schwarzkopf Got2b guardian angel 220c heat protection spray.  This will be my first time using this, fancied a change from my tresemme spray.

I also got an eye cream, I have been looking for one for ages but there are so many out there and I have over thinked it, so I settled for Boots Vitamin E gentle eye cream, it has spf 15 and non greasy.  The main thing that attracted me to it was it reduces fine lines, dark circles and puffiness, it claims to do this within 4 weeks, fingers crossed.  It was pretty cheap £2.54.

Last but not least, Soap and Glory Hocus Focus instant visual flaw softening lotion.  You can mix this with either your moisturiser as a skin brightener, your foundation for a dewy, luminous look or alone on cheekbone as a highlight.  It claims to reduce the visibility of pores and fine lines, while making skin radiant and smooth, with a candle-lit, healthy glow.  So I will let you know my verdict.  I had a voucher for £2 off soap and glory at Boots, so got this for £11.

Boots also have their £5 off No7 products when you spend £5 in store.

Does anyone know how to get your hands on FashionistA?  Has anyone tried it out?

Feel free to contact me, share your tips and tricks and beauty news.

Lou xxx

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